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July 16th, 2014

7 Freakin’ Big Dogs

By Tara

There are a lot of extra-large dogs. According to this list, there are 15 dogs classified as “extra-large” dogs. I’ve put together this simple list of 7 gargantuan dogs and awesome photos that show how truly huge they are.


1) Irish Wolfhound

Fun fact: The Irish Wolfhound is (generally) the tallest of all dog breeds, with the males being between 34-35 inches tall at the shoulder.

2) Old English Sheepdog

Fun fact: It’s true: most Old English Sheepdogs cannot see with the fur in front of their eyes. The hair on their head is usually trimmed or put in a knot on top of their heads. Source

3) Saint Bernard

Fun fact: Besides the well-known fact that a Saint Bernard played the star in Beethoven, the allegedly longest dog in history was a Saint Bernard. Source

4) Great Pyrenees

Fun fact: The Great Pyrenees generally has double dewclaws on it’s hind legs. Why? “It is believed that the double dewclaws help the Great Pyr maintain stability when working in rough, hilly terrain and also provide a snowshoe effect in deep snow.” Source

5) Newfoundland

Fun fact: Newfoundlands have webbed feet! They are historically waterdogs used for water rescue. Source

And of course, our favorites:

6) Great Dane

Fun fact: Great Danes are technically mastiffs! Source

7) English Mastiff

Fun fact: English Mastiffs are a particularly gassy breed, perfect for Christian! Source

And that concludes my list of 7 freakin’ big dogs. It takes a special person to own and raise an extra large dog, but they always say it’s extremely rewarding to have one in their family.

Do you have or know of any of these massive beauties? Comment below and share your favorite story about them!

P.S. And just for fun, here is a Great Dane sitting next to a Shiba Inu:

Credit: _tar0_

Credit: _tar0_