Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

August 9th, 2015

Ana’s First Petco Event

By Tara

Yesterday was Ana’s first Petco event!

Christian usually comes but he had another event to be at. So, Roxie was left at home (sorry baby!) and Ana and I were able to make it down to Petco.


Ana has some storm anxiety. Even with the freedom to run around the house when rain is coming on, she paces, pants, and whines. Well, on our way to Petco, it stormed HARD (thunder, lightening, everything). And we were in a sedan. It was loud. And she was basically “trapped”. But she did great! I mean, she wasn’t happy and she didn’t sit down, but she wasn’t losing her mind so I was able to keep driving.

When we got there, I figured she had a lot of energy because of the anxiety and she had been in the car for 45 minutes. Since it wasn’t raining, I walked her around a bit. After burning it off, we entered Petco and were greeted by so many Danes. Last month, Rocco and a couple of friends were the only ones that were able to attend. This month, we had so many dogs currently in rescue there and also many friends.


Our good friend, Jayme, was able to make it with two members of her pack: Ace and Delilah! Jayme is the one that took Bubba from the shelter and brought him to Great Dane Love.

There were so many Danes in rescue there, including three Great Danes from the puppy mill bust in Desoto County. It was so sad the see the condition they were in, but their fosters assured me that they are doing significantly better than they were three weeks ago.

From left to right: Callie, Dudley, and Tara (pronounced "Tear-uh")

From left to right: Calli, Dudley, and Tara (pronounced “Tear-uh”)

Ana did great! This was her first big outing, so one of the things we were looking for was who she was friendly to and who she was not friendly to. This girl got along with everyone! Men, women, and children of all ages and temperaments, and dogs of all sizes and genders, and even those intact. This girl is amazing.


She started getting weirdly obsessed with what was outside the door. I thought maybe she was sensing a storm coming? But it was bright and sunny and it never did rain. Someone suggested that maybe she had to go potty. I took her out and she just kept looking around her, not even sniffing at the ground. Weirdo.

She ended up being really tired after nearly three hours, which is totally understandable. We all get exhausted. So many dogs, so much cuteness, so much energy in one space. Look at how many people were there:


She was such a trooper. She stood and wagged for 2.5 hours before finally laying down and giving me this look:


According to someone at the rescue, we met a few people who were interested in adopting some of the Danes! That’s always awesome, but particularly great because there 15 dogs in rescue right now. That’s a little crazy.

We do have 6 of the Desoto County puppy mill dogs that are in rough condition. If you would like to help GDLCF in any way, head over to their “How to Help” page. Any donation is much appreciated!

And finally, a photo of a Great Dane puppy that didn’t last in rescue for more than a few days. She was picked up by her new mama on Saturday!


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