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Please note that although this post says it was published in 2014, it was actually published on July 17th, 2015.


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Last week, a puppymill in Desoto County (Remington Danes) was discovered and 60 Great Danes were rescued (one of them gave birth, so now it is 66 Danes). Their living conditions were deplorable and most of them have many health problems and are unadoptable at the moment.

Great Dane Love was able to take in 4, but they’re currently on medical hold until their health issues are resolved/under control.

You can read the story here.

According to the incident report, members of the sheriff’s office had to wear masks because the smell inside was bad.

They found dogs both inside and out. They were covered in ticks and fleas, open sores, and some of the puppies had worms.


But the dogs are in such bad shape that no one is allowed to see them yet. Animal control hopes to get them adopted in a few weeks. Several are even being treated by vets.

There is an event on Facebook where a group of people are auctioning off items to raise money for Desoto County Animal Control. You can join the event here. The event’s description has everything you need to know about how you can help, so I’ll quote it below:

There is an Amazon Wish list set up for Desoto Animal Control,

A bank account has been set up by Desoto county, direct donations to Desoto A/C for the Danes in their care. You can see their website for that information. Monetary donations can be made directly.

You may also use the Amazon Smile program to purchase food or supplies and your purchases will help the rescue group you select.

Here are the organizations that have Danes in their care or are awaiting Danes from this seizure. In addition to this auction, each group has individual fundraising opportunities on their Facebook pages and web sites. We are awaiting confirmation from Desoto A/C on the Danes in their care. If and when they can be released, the rescue groups below will be contacted to see how many they can take into their programs. This is in no particular order, simply information on who has what and where. Due to the severity and condition of these Danes, most, if not all, are on medical hold. Once they are healthy enough to be adopted, you can contact each rescue group or organization directly. You may want to go to their websites and fill out applications in the meantime.

Desoto Animal Control – 2048 NE McKay St., Arcadia, FL 34266 – 863-993-4855

Great Dane Love, A Central Florida Rescue, Inc. – PO Box 237852, Cocoa, FL 32923 – Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Great Dane Rescue South Florida –19542 Red Gum Trail Jupiter, Florida – 561-748-4017 or Email: [email protected]

Water’s Edge Great Dane Rescue, Inc. – PO BOX 712, Bonneau, SC 29431 Email: [email protected]

Southwest Florida Great Dane Rescue –

Great Dane Friends of Ruff Love – 15145 Macbeth Ct., Huntersville, NC (awaiting intakes at this time)

Please share this post, or the Facebook event, with your friends. News about this rescue mission has gone “viral”, but now we need to spread information about how people can help.


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