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Bear with me here. I know that the timeline of my blog posts doesn’t make any sense. I’m about to talk about the adoption of our foster Oppa and I haven’t even once mentioned him on OGG. And what happened with Anastasia??

I’ll go back in time and tell all of my stories from the first half of 2016. But right now, I want to tell you about Oppa’s adoption. It was quite a profound experience.great-dane-2

Last Wednesday, a young family (papa, mama, and 3 cute little girls) came over to our house to meet Oppa. We spent a while hanging out inside, gushing about how cute and sweet he is, laughing as his tail whacked the 2 year-old in the face, and screaming when he drooled on someone. They were absolutely smitten with him. They were smitten with him the moment they learned about him and the opportunity they had to potentially adopt him. They were so willing to go above and beyond just to lay their eyes on Oppa in person. He met and exceeded every single one of their expectations.

Photo credit: Trendy HoundsThe loop closest to the clasp is sometimes called a "traffic loop".

Photo credit: Trendy HoundsThe loop closest to the clasp is sometimes called a “traffic loop”. 

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November 25th

Our Hellish Week



This past week was not awesome. Well, parts of it were. Parts of it I could have done without.


I’ll start with the worst thing first.

max2Christian and I had to make the toughest decision ever: to put our boy, Max, down.

We took him in thinking he was a 13 year-old Mastiff (!!) who would be at death’s door. We didn’t expect to have him for very long. After his first appointment at the vet, we learned that he’s around 8 years old and totally healthy! We thought we would have him for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, the past couple of months haven’t been all sunshine and rainbows and this weekend he passed away. We are devastated. I haven’t seen Christian this depressed and it is breaking my heart. What is comforting us is that he died in our arms (technically, Christian’s arms). He died surrounded by love. We really did rescue him back in September. According to his bio, he was an extremely old Mastiff. Plus, he was at an open-access shelter (read: kill shelter). He wasn’t going to last. We didn’t want him to die on concrete. We wanted him to die warm and surrounded by love.

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Here is the timeline of the past 2 weeks:

Saturday, September 12th

Ana’s third Petco event was two Saturdays ago. She did great! There were a couple of families who were interested in her, but nobody was very serious. It was a particularly special event because our friend, Jayme, was able to make it with her two Great Danes, Ace and Delilah. If you don’t know, Jayme is the one who brought our first foster, Bubba, to Great Dane Love. She doesn’t work directly with GDL, but she is a friend of the rescue. She volunteers down at a Humane Society in South Florida and when Bubba, our first foster, came in looking mentally and physically awful, she knew that he wouldn’t stand a chance there and contacted Great Dane Love. You can read more about his story at the shelter and with us in this post.

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From left to right: Callie, Dudley, and Tara (pronounced "Tear-uh")

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Yesterday was Ana’s first Petco event!

Christian usually comes but he had another event to be at. So, Roxie was left at home (sorry baby!) and Ana and I were able to make it down to Petco.


Ana has some storm anxiety. Even with the freedom to run around the house when rain is coming on, she paces, pants, and whines. Well, on our way to Petco, it stormed HARD (thunder, lightening, everything). And we were in a sedan. It was loud. And she was basically “trapped”. But she did great! I mean, she wasn’t happy and she didn’t sit down, but she wasn’t losing her mind so I was able to keep driving.

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Today, Rocco passed away peacefully on my lap.

Rocco came into rescue having a few health issues and they only got worse over the 6 weeks we had him. He had a history of seizures (and once seized in my car), a ton of growths in his liver, some fluid in his abdomen, heartworms, joint problems, and severe anxiety.

They did some blood tests and ultrasounds and the results didn’t look too great. Last week, when we were in Petsmart, I decided to weigh him over at Banfield. He weighed 15 pounds less than he did a couple of weeks before. I told the rescue about his dramatic weight loss and they scheduled a vet appointment for the following week (today).

I took Rocco to the vet (Christian was at work) and P from the rescue met me there. The purpose of this appointment was to do more blood work and another ultrasound to see how his liver was doing.

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