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It looks like she was just cleared for departure.

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Back in November, Ana got her very own photoshoot!

We are all so surprised that she is still in rescue. Like I said before, she is perfect. But we think the fact that she’s under 100 pounds is turning people off. It kind of makes sense, when you consider the target audience (the online marketer in me is leaking). When people are looking for a Great Dane rescue, they are looking to adopt a Great Dane, which is normally a giant dog over 100 pounds. I’ve decided to take her to a lot more dog events with a vest on that says “Adopt Me!” to market her to the general population.

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October 22nd

Max: First Thoughts


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Oh my god. It has been almost a month since I blogged. I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but nothing in life is certain. Instead, I’ll say, “ahh, I’ll try to stick around and post more frequently!”

So, Max. Where do I start with my handsome boy?

His pre-programmed tricks (read: tricks he already knew) are “sit” and “shake/give me a paw”. The “shake” is less verbal and really happens if you simply move your hand towards his chest when he is sitting. It’s the cutest thing ever.

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July 23rd

Where Did He Go?



Where did he go?

That’s the question that has been burning inside my heart since last night.

Rocco died yesterday. I’ve never experienced the death of a person or pet I was very close to. I’m not religious (not even a little). I’ve always had “issues” with death, meaning I have always had a burning curiosity about death and a burning fear of my loved ones dying.

I have so many feelings about yesterday, but the one that literally kept me up last night was, “where did he go?”
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We met a lot of people and dogs at the Petco event this June. There was a woman who was very interested in the puppy who was there and asked us “what are the pros and cons of owning a Great Dane?”

I genuinely didn’t know of any real downsides of owning a Great Dane off of the top of my head. Is it because I am so smitten with them? Or are they really that close to perfect? These are the downsides I came up with later on after giving her question some more thought:

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That Great Dane Facebook group I’m a part of pops up on my news feed all the time. And I am SO not complaining.

Anyway, it pops up all the time and it always boosts my spirits so much. Great Danes are freaking GOOFY. And majestic. And sensitive. And lazy. They have huge personalities on them.

And their owners are a different breed of people (tehe), too. They are so passionate about their dogs. It’s nuts.

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