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July 5th, 2014

I think I know why Roxie is such a patient dog

By Tara

I recently was/am going through old photos I took back in middle school and high school. I came across a series of photos I took during Roxie’s first year of puppyhood and I realized, “damn, I nearly abused her with how many times my cousin and I dressed her up!”

So I made an adorable collage and posted it on Facebook. My mother-in-law said, “Most.patient.dog.ever.” and it dawned on me: that may be truly one of the reasons why Roxie is so flexible, adaptable and patient: because she had to deal with my silliness during her puppyhood.

And I give you: Roxie, the best puppy ever. 


  • Jill Wilder July 13, 2014 at 3:05 pm

    All adorable pics. The two cutest for me are the ones on the bottom left and the bottom middle. Love the matching squinty eyes. I still say most.patient.dog.ever LOL

    • Tara July 13, 2014 at 3:19 pm

      I freaking love my baby. Cute story (kinda a story): Roxie always insists on laying/napping under my chair or behind my chair when I’m on the computer. When I shift my chair (which I do a lot), the sound startles her and sometimes the chair pokes her. But she always insists on sleeping as close to me as possible. I like to think it’s because she loves me so much, not because she’s too dumb to learn after being startled a few times :)

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