Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

April 17th, 2015

Our Dream Home Built for Our Dogs

By Tara

I’m obsessed with our future house already, even though it will probably be a few more years until we buy it. I’m thinking about all of the customizations we’re going to have done. The DIY projects. Ohhhh, the DIY projects. My Pinterest boards are bursting with ideas. I get more and more anxious whenever I find more awesome ideas I have to try. Life is so short! I need a house now so I’ll have time to do all of these projects!!

I’m also obsessed with dogs (surprising, I know).

So naturally, I have a board on my Pinterest account called “Your Home and Your Dog“.

Here are my favorite customizations. Some of these customizations I want to implement into our home. The others I probably won’t try, but I included them on the list just because they are too cool.

Dog closet

I’ve seen this pin everywhere and I love it: a closet dedicated to your dog’s things. I’m a huge fan of hyper-organizing our stuff, and I love the idea of having related items all in one place. I actually started to think about how I would use something like this, but then I realized I don’t really have that much stuff where I would need an entire closet like this one. Still, it’s a cool idea for people who have many pets.

Built-in dog crate

Like I said, I really like the closet idea. I just don’t have that much stuff. But what I can do is combine that idea with another one: a built in crate! I am the BIGGEST fan of multi-functional furniture (look at this pin on my personal Pinterest page; it’s my favorite piece of multi-functional furniture), so putting these two things together is just too great.

The problem with a tall dog like a Dane is that he needs to be able to stand and turn comfortably in his crate. And fitting a crate that big into a dresser isn’t really possible. Do you remember that horse stall we had for Bubba?? I wonder if it would be the worst thing in the world if he could only lay in there. Maybe I’ll just put a bed in that space and not a crate. That way, his bed won’t be taking up all sorts of vertical space that could be used otherwise.

Island/feeding station

This idea is floating around everywhere on Pinterest and it’s too ingenious to ignore. This is my favorite version of it, though. See how the bowl is on a stand and not in a slot on a low shelf? With an open space like the one above, you aren’t limited with what you can put in there. Maybe later you’ll want to put a trash can there. Or a taller bowl. Or a shorter bowl. Or your Rock Band drum set (our Rock Band drum set is sitting in the corner of our living room and it’s driving me NUTS how much space it is taking up!)

Doggie bedroom

I freaking LOVE this room. I love how organized everything is. The dogs all have their own space and they have little couches. How cute! I think if we had many dogs, we would probably do something like this. One of the foster families at Great Dane Love actually has an obscene amount of dogs. I can’t remember the number (and it’s always fluctuating because they have fosters coming in and out) but if I remember correctly, they once had 6 dogs at one time? If you are reading this, please correct me!

Anyway, if I had that many dogs, I’d probably like them “organized” (for lack of a better word) in a room like this. While we’re out of the house, I wouldn’t feel too comfortable letting a million dogs (and cats, too) running around the house. Also, I’d probably not let them just lay around everywhere in the house (for the same reasons you don’t let your kids sleep wherever in the house!) Give them their own room and their own nighttime bed. Give them their own space so they don’t always have to be in your way.

Although, let’s be real, they probably will be following you around every where.

Dog food drawer

Currently, we have our dog food bag shoved into a large plastic storage container in our Florida room where Roxie and Mia eat their meals. It gets the job done, but it’s not a very elegant design. I like the idea of having a built in drawer/cabinet like this for pet food. It’s easily accessible, hidden, and looks nice on the outside.

In-ground pool

I LOVE seeing Roxie play in plastic pools in the summer. It’s freaking adorable and she loves it. She’s such a pig, so I love throwing treats in the water and watching her fight an internal battle between eating and breathing. I’m sure she snorts up a lot of water when we play that game, but she’s a water baby just like me and seems to enjoy it. I need an in-ground pool like this for the dogs. Obviously after I have an in-ground pool for myself. Mmm.

Our custom home is going to be freaking awesome. Does your house have any custom features to accommodate your pets? I want to see pictures!