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August 14th

Lake Baldwin Dog Park


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My current goal in life is to get as much exposure to gentle giants as possible. Not just for education reasons, but also because OMFG I LOVE THEM WHY DON’T I KNOW ANYONE WHO OWNS ONE?

I’ve been frequenting two websites in search of big dog events. One is the Great Dane Love rescue and the other is a group called Central Florida Big Dog Group.
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Does your dog get his jollies when he rips apart stuff animals? Roxie definitely does. But stuffed animals are annoying to restuff and, depending how often you do it, expensive to replace.

I came across this idea on a BuzzFeed article and immediately pinned it. Here is the link to the original post.

Here it is: get a Hol-ee RollerĀ and stuff it with strips of fabric! It’s freakin’ brilliant!
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