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It looks like she was just cleared for departure.

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Back in November, Ana got her very own photoshoot!

We are all so surprised that she is still in rescue. Like I said before, she is perfect. But we think the fact that she’s under 100 pounds is turning people off. It kind of makes sense, when you consider the target audience (the online marketer in me is leaking). When people are looking for a Great Dane rescue, they are looking to adopt a Great Dane, which is normally a giant dog over 100 pounds. I’ve decided to take her to a lot more dog events with a vest on that says “Adopt Me!” to market her to the general population.

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September 15th

Anastasia’s Quirks



I always knew every dog is different. But after living with 4 different dogs over the last 10 months, I’ve really gotten to see how quirky each individual dog is. So, today I bring you: Anastasia’s quirks! (This is a picture-heavy post. Sorry to everyone who has a slow internet connection! I tried making the images as small as possible.) (click to read more)

From left to right: Callie, Dudley, and Tara (pronounced "Tear-uh")

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Yesterday was Ana’s first Petco event!

Christian usually comes but he had another event to be at. So, Roxie was left at home (sorry baby!) and Ana and I were able to make it down to Petco.


Ana has some storm anxiety. Even with the freedom to run around the house when rain is coming on, she paces, pants, and whines. Well, on our way to Petco, it stormed HARD (thunder, lightening, everything). And we were in a sedan. It was loud. And she was basically “trapped”. But she did great! I mean, she wasn’t happy and she didn’t sit down, but she wasn’t losing her mind so I was able to keep driving.

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If you are following us on Instagram (@ourgentlegiants) or like our Facebook page, you know that we have a new foster: our first girl, Anastasia!

Before I go on, I want to thank Rocco for showing us signs that he was ready to go. Our maximum capacity for fosters is 1 foster and if we didn’t have a vacancy, we wouldn’t be able to help another Great Dane in need.

Now, onto Anastasia!

She’s a 5 year-old, mantle Great Dane who is an absolute sweetheart with no health problems. She was surrendered to the rescue due to no fault of her own. She came from a very loving family. We were the ones to pick her up (two nights ago). It was absolutely heartbreaking, but it was so nice to see that she was very well-loved.

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