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If you missed the news last week, you should know that Bubba has been adopted! We are all so happy for him and he is doing wonderfully in his new home.

There were so many things I wanted to say in my post last week, but once I started writing it all down, I realized it was long and a little jumbled up. So I left the details of our home visit for another post: this one!

We drove Bubba over to the their home with some food, joint supplements, and his favorite toy. Not every home visit leads to an adoption, but if does, you want to be prepared to leave the dog.

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March 11th

Bubba Was Adopted!

Bubba exploring his new home.


Ack, I hate that I haven’t written in 2.5 weeks! I totally apologize. I promise I didn’t disappear forever on you guys!

I have some super exciting news for you all: Bubba was adopted!

It all started on Valentine’s Day. As I’ve said before, Great Dane Love has an event once a month at Petco where they bring as many fosters and personal Great Danes they can to both raise awareness about the rescue and also give people the chance to meet their Danes available for adoption.

We took Bubba to every one we could except one weekend (can’t remember why we weren’t available). We made it to the Valentine’s Day one and it was so great! He actually caught the eye of 3 different families who were all very interested in learning more about him and how he could fit into their homes. We were ecstatic! Bubba was a little vocal that day and I was afraid that would turn people off but apparently it didn’t.

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Bubba needs some work with greeting people in public. He barks at passers-by maybe a fifth of the time. Not at all in an aggressive way. I think he’s just trying to alert us of someone walking by. But because of his size and his deep bark, people freak out and I don’t like it for two reasons: 1) I don’t want anyone to be uncomfortable and 2) honestly, I get embarrassed.

So Christian and I are working on this by taking him out in public more and exposing him to these triggering situations so we can train him to not react like that.

Over the weekend, we took Bubba and Roxie to Chipotle with us in an attempt to work on his manners (also to taste the food of the godsssss). One of our methods was to distract him when he fixated on a person walking up to us. Calling his name wasn’t effective, so we either poked him or pinched him to get him to look away. Whenever he wouldn’t bark, we would praise him, either with verbal praise or physical praise (petting him).

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I’ve lived with a Cairn Terrier for almost 10 years. From what I’ve seen with my own life and the lives of my friends, life with a dog is the generally the same, regardless of size: they bark, they get underfoot, they require love and attention.

Since we’ve welcomed our first giant roommate, I’ve noticed that it is a lot different living with a 130 pound creature than it is with a 20 pound terrier.

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“Tara, where are you? Have you left work yet? Don’t freak out when you get home. There was a lot of blood everywhere. Don’t worry, everyone’s fine. We’re just cleaning up now.”



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