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I’m so excited about living with my first Great Dane! 37 days until I’m available to take a foster Dane (but who’s really counting?)

I need to get prepared, though. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s only little of Roxie’s stuff that I could use for a Dane and that’s only if the Dane is a puppy. I’m expecting to mostly get teenage or adult Great Danes so they’ll already be larger and more powerful than a puppy. Which means Roxie’s toys, leashes, collars, and bowls aren’t going to cut it.

So what do I need at the very least?
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Right now, we are still paying off some credit card debt.

No, we don’t have credit card debt because we are irresponsible newlyweds. It’s because when we first got married, we had crappy, minimum wage jobs. But we had to still eat! So we lived on a budget (and continue to do so) so that we could live on as little as possible. Unfortunately, by the time we got better-paying jobs, we had racked up a few thousand dollars in debt.

We are happy to say that we are in the final stretch and almost 100% debt free!

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