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Moose and Roxie

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We are on our 5th foster dog now (6 if you count the foster we babysat for a week) and I’ve come to realize that every dog is significantly unique.

Each dog has its mental and physical quirks. He can be 100% fine with everyone, but pull on leash really hard. He can love everyone but despise men. She can have issues in her knees so you have to lift her into the car. She can have a big surgery to remove a cherry eye which requires a lot of aftercare.

One of the biggest things Christian and I have to watch out for with every new dog is their behavior. If we misinterpret a situation and the dog, there can be very serious consequences. Remember that we’re dealing with a 150 pound dog. And Great Danes in particular are slim, which means most of it skin, bones, and muscle. I personally have never known a Great Dane who has attacked anyone (they’re called gentle giants for a reason), but you never know with a strange dog. (click to read more)



If you are following us on Instagram (@ourgentlegiants) or like our Facebook page, you know that we have a new foster: our first girl, Anastasia!

Before I go on, I want to thank Rocco for showing us signs that he was ready to go. Our maximum capacity for fosters is 1 foster and if we didn’t have a vacancy, we wouldn’t be able to help another Great Dane in need.

Now, onto Anastasia!

She’s a 5 year-old, mantle Great Dane who is an absolute sweetheart with no health problems. She was surrendered to the rescue due to no fault of her own. She came from a very loving family. We were the ones to pick her up (two nights ago). It was absolutely heartbreaking, but it was so nice to see that she was very well-loved.

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Rocco joined our little family on June 6th! He is an 8 year-old boy who unfortunately had to be separated from his lifelong family (same as Bubba). My first reaction was to be mad about it, but honestly, life happens. I’m sure they did everything they could to keep their pet and it just wasn’t in the stars.

Normally, one of the “higher-ups” at the rescue do a 1-2 week evaluation on new dogs, but this time, we took him home the first day and it actually went pretty smoothly.

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If you missed the news last week, you should know that Bubba has been adopted! We are all so happy for him and he is doing wonderfully in his new home.

There were so many things I wanted to say in my post last week, but once I started writing it all down, I realized it was long and a little jumbled up. So I left the details of our home visit for another post: this one!

We drove Bubba over to the their home with some food, joint supplements, and his favorite toy. Not every home visit leads to an adoption, but if does, you want to be prepared to leave the dog.

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March 11th

Bubba Was Adopted!

Bubba exploring his new home.


Ack, I hate that I haven’t written in 2.5 weeks! I totally apologize. I promise I didn’t disappear forever on you guys!

I have some super exciting news for you all: Bubba was adopted!

It all started on Valentine’s Day. As I’ve said before, Great Dane Love has an event once a month at Petco where they bring as many fosters and personal Great Danes they can to both raise awareness about the rescue and also give people the chance to meet their Danes available for adoption.

We took Bubba to every one we could except one weekend (can’t remember why we weren’t available). We made it to the Valentine’s Day one and it was so great! He actually caught the eye of 3 different families who were all very interested in learning more about him and how he could fit into their homes. We were ecstatic! Bubba was a little vocal that day and I was afraid that would turn people off but apparently it didn’t.

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