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I’m so excited about living with my first Great Dane! 37 days until I’m available to take a foster Dane (but who’s really counting?)

I need to get prepared, though. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s only little of Roxie’s stuff that I could use for a Dane and that’s only if the Dane is a puppy. I’m expecting to mostly get teenage or adult Great Danes so they’ll already be larger and more powerful than a puppy. Which means Roxie’s toys, leashes, collars, and bowls aren’t going to cut it.

So what do I need at the very least?
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Let me preface this by saying: no, I’m not pregnant!

It’s sad that I can’t say, “I have an announcement!” without people going, “OMG BABIES!” I understand why they think that (newlyweds = babies on the horizon), but still. There are a lot of other things couples can announce, like this:
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Merle puppy! Look at those paws!

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great-dane-fawn-brindle-tongue-cropped-earsLast weekend, Christian and I attended an event put on by the volunteers at Great Dane Love, a Great Dane rescue group in Central Florida. Our goal is to attend as many Great Dane/English Mastiff/big dog events as possible, so that we can talk with real owners about their experiences with their dogs and so that we can interact with them ourselves. Click here to read about our awesome day petting and learning about Great Danes.

We were there to learn anything about Great Danes. We told them that we are in love with the breed, but don’t have enough money/expertise to own one yet. Because of this, our main topic of conversation was their fostering process and how we could fit into it.
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