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Right now, we are still paying off some credit card debt.

No, we don’t have credit card debt because we are irresponsible newlyweds. It’s because when we first got married, we had crappy, minimum wage jobs. But we had to still eat! So we lived on a budget (and continue to do so) so that we could live on as little as possible. Unfortunately, by the time we got better-paying jobs, we had racked up a few thousand dollars in debt.

We are happy to say that we are in the final stretch and almost 100% debt free!

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great-dane-cairn-terrier-merle-brindleI often hear about what dogs are afraid of/strongly dislike: “He’s terrified of thunderstorms/fireworks so we have to medicate him” or “She hates car rides” or “She won’t let you touch her paws”.

I understand that a lot of these dogs that have these sorts of quirks are rescue dogs who may have had a traumatizing past. And even if they didn’t and they were raised in a loving home, they may have not been socialized properly. I’m not judging or putting anyone at fault; things happen.
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