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Moose and Roxie

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We are on our 5th foster dog now (6 if you count the foster we babysat for a week) and I’ve come to realize that every dog is significantly unique.

Each dog has its mental and physical quirks. He can be 100% fine with everyone, but pull on leash really hard. He can love everyone but despise men. She can have issues in her knees so you have to lift her into the car. She can have a big surgery to remove a cherry eye which requires a lot of aftercare.

One of the biggest things Christian and I have to watch out for with every new dog is their behavior. If we misinterpret a situation and the dog, there can be very serious consequences. Remember that we’re dealing with a 150 pound dog. And Great Danes in particular are slim, which means most of it skin, bones, and muscle. I personally have never known a Great Dane who has attacked anyone (they’re called gentle giants for a reason), but you never know with a strange dog. (click to read more)



great-dane-cairn-terrier-merle-brindleI often hear about what dogs are afraid of/strongly dislike: “He’s terrified of thunderstorms/fireworks so we have to medicate him” or “She hates car rides” or “She won’t let you touch her paws”.

I understand that a lot of these dogs that have these sorts of quirks are rescue dogs who may have had a traumatizing past. And even if they didn’t and they were raised in a loving home, they may have not been socialized properly. I’m not judging or putting anyone at fault; things happen.
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