Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

The Plan

This page will forever be under construction, but here is the plan as of July 22nd, 2015:

We are fosters for Great Dane Love, a Central Florida Rescue, and we have found that to be incredibly rewarding. In the long run, though, we would like to have gentle giants of our own: a Great Dane and an English Mastiff.

The Dogs

We know exactly which dogs we want: a harlequin female Great Dane and a fawn male English Mastiff.

Why? Tara had her heart set on the Dane and Christian had his heart set on the Mastiff so we thought: why not one of each?

Also, to make things more interesting, we would like to adopt these dogs as puppies and around the same time as each other so they can grow up together like brother and sister.


That’s the thing: we’re not exactly ready to adopt our dream dogs. Several things need to happen before we begin searching:

  • We need a healthy savings account (that will cover any non-dog-related emergency expenses)
  • We need to have saved up enough to cover the puppies’ purchase fees and all the expenses that come with the first 3-6 months of owning two puppies
  • We need a house with a fenced-in yard
  • We need a large car (currently, we’re thinking of getting a mini-SUV)
  • Ideally, we would like to own our first home before adopting our dogs