Bear with me here. I know that the timeline of my blog posts doesn’t make any sense. I’m about to talk about the adoption of our foster Oppa and I haven’t even once mentioned him on OGG. And what happened with Anastasia??

I’ll go back in time and tell all of my stories from the first half of 2016. But right now, I want to tell you about Oppa’s adoption. It was quite a profound experience.great-dane-2

Last Wednesday, a young family (papa, mama, and 3 cute little girls) came over to our house to meet Oppa. We spent a while hanging out inside, gushing about how cute and sweet he is, laughing as his tail whacked the 2 year-old in the face, and screaming when he drooled on someone. They were absolutely smitten with him. They were smitten with him the moment they learned about him and the opportunity they had to potentially adopt him. They were so willing to go above and beyond just to lay their eyes on Oppa in person. He met and exceeded every single one of their expectations.

Photo credit: Trendy HoundsThe loop closest to the clasp is sometimes called a "traffic loop".

Photo credit: Trendy HoundsThe loop closest to the clasp is sometimes called a “traffic loop”. 

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Moose and Roxie

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We are on our 5th foster dog now (6 if you count the foster we babysat for a week) and I’ve come to realize that every dog is significantly unique.

Each dog has its mental and physical quirks. He can be 100% fine with everyone, but pull on leash really hard. He can love everyone but despise men. She can have issues in her knees so you have to lift her into the car. She can have a big surgery to remove a cherry eye which requires a lot of aftercare.

One of the biggest things Christian and I have to watch out for with every new dog is their behavior. If we misinterpret a situation and the dog, there can be very serious consequences. Remember that we’re dealing with a 150 pound dog. And Great Danes in particular are slim, which means most of it skin, bones, and muscle. I personally have never known a Great Dane who has attacked anyone (they’re called gentle giants for a reason), but you never know with a strange dog. (click to read more)

It looks like she was just cleared for departure.

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Back in November, Ana got her very own photoshoot!

We are all so surprised that she is still in rescue. Like I said before, she is perfect. But we think the fact that she’s under 100 pounds is turning people off. It kind of makes sense, when you consider the target audience (the online marketer in me is leaking). When people are looking for a Great Dane rescue, they are looking to adopt a Great Dane, which is normally a giant dog over 100 pounds. I’ve decided to take her to a lot more dog events with a vest on that says “Adopt Me!” to market her to the general population.

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November 25th, 2015

Our Hellish Week



This past week was not awesome. Well, parts of it were. Parts of it I could have done without.


I’ll start with the worst thing first.

max2Christian and I had to make the toughest decision ever: to put our boy, Max, down.

We took him in thinking he was a 13 year-old Mastiff (!!) who would be at death’s door. We didn’t expect to have him for very long. After his first appointment at the vet, we learned that he’s around 8 years old and totally healthy! We thought we would have him for a long, long time.

Unfortunately, the past couple of months haven’t been all sunshine and rainbows and this weekend he passed away. We are devastated. I haven’t seen Christian this depressed and it is breaking my heart. What is comforting us is that he died in our arms (technically, Christian’s arms). He died surrounded by love. We really did rescue him back in September. According to his bio, he was an extremely old Mastiff. Plus, he was at an open-access shelter (read: kill shelter). He wasn’t going to last. We didn’t want him to die on concrete. We wanted him to die warm and surrounded by love.

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October 22nd, 2015

Max: First Thoughts


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Oh my god. It has been almost a month since I blogged. I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but nothing in life is certain. Instead, I’ll say, “ahh, I’ll try to stick around and post more frequently!”

So, Max. Where do I start with my handsome boy?

His pre-programmed tricks (read: tricks he already knew) are “sit” and “shake/give me a paw”. The “shake” is less verbal and really happens if you simply move your hand towards his chest when he is sitting. It’s the cutest thing ever.

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