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February 11th, 2015

5 Hilarious Giant Dog Videos You May Not Have Seen Yet

By Tara
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When Christian and I first got married, one of our favorite things to do was look up Great Dane and English Mastiff videos and oh my goodness, there are¬†soooo¬†many good ones on YouTube! I don’t remember when I first fell in love with Great Danes, but I do remember seeing the famous “Honey the Great Dane & Lemon the Tortoiseshell Cat – Magic Moments Together” video and stalking Big Honey Dog up until the day she died (R.I.P. Honey).

Here are my favorite goofy gentle giant videos on YouTube.

Great Dane Afraid of the Bathtub

It will never cease to amuse me when I see a 150+ pound dog afraid of little things. The Great Dane that came with his owners to inspect our house before we began fostering was afraid of going into the backyard because the screen door in front of him was slightly in his way.

Waking Up an English Mastiff

The infamous English Mastiff video. Freaking adorable, but also controversial. A bunch of people got very upset that the dog wasn’t listening to her, but there is a clear difference between a casual voice and a commanding voice. She was obviously playing with him and he knew it (by the way, she posted a follow-up video). Bubba and Roxie don’t listen to my commands unless I say them in a stern voice. If I say “siiiit” in a silly voice, they will not sit, just wag their tails.

Why it’s hard to keep a Newfoundland dog’s water bowl full

It’s so funny, Christian and I actually saw a horse do this. He dug for a little bit and then just stood there looking off to the distance.

Ragu’, the naughty Neapolitan Mastiff…..funny complaining about going to sleep!

Those jowls are no joke.


I love how is about to walk up to the high-chair, pauses to look over his shoulder, then walks by the chair and does another lap around the couch: “I shouldn’t be doing this, I shouldn’t be doing this”.

And then at the end, he’s all:


What are your favorites? Link to them in the comments below.

P.S. Here is that Honey and Lemon video I mentioned at the beginning. I have a very short attention span when it comes to YouTube videos, but I watched all 10 minutes of this compilation video and cried, too.