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September 15th, 2015

Anastasia’s Quirks

By Tara

I always knew every dog is different. But after living with 4 different dogs over the last 10 months, I’ve really gotten to see how quirky each individual dog is. So, today I bring you: Anastasia’s quirks! (This is a picture-heavy post. Sorry to everyone who has a slow internet connection! I tried making the images as small as possible.)

One of her favorite past times is curling up into a tiny ball.


Granted, she is small (almost 80 pounds), but look at that last photo. Roxie is 20 pounds. Ana is ~80 pounds and a tall, lanky girl.

Now look at the photos below. This was during a thunderstorm. She squeezed her way under my desk and curled up at my feet. The photos kind of make it difficult to see, but you get the point. This girl can squeeze into the tiniest of places.


She hates storms.

She has storm anxiety. Her anxiety is no where near as bad as Rocco’s was, but it does make living with her a challenge. She is currently on daily anxiety medication and takes another pill only when we need to leave the house during a storm. She pants, she paces, she pulls paper off of surfaces and rips them apart. The worst thing she does is nose around at anything and everything. She pushes things off of shelves with her nose, she rubs her nose aggressively on any fabric she can find, and she knocks things over on purpose. She rubs the top of her nose raw. It hasn’t gotten so bad that she bleeds, but the hair never grows back because she doesn’t give it a chance to.

Thankfully for her, I’m home most of the time during the days, except for maybe an hour or two when I have appointments or errands to run. I try to plan around the weather. She’s been left alone during a storm only a few times. Once, she tore up her bedding. She also tries to get out of her crate (we had to get extra clips to clip the corners of the crate door). I’ve given her the extra anxiety pill once when I had to leave and she did alright; she only tore up a little bit of the corner of her bed. We have once asked my mom to babysit.

I just took this picture of her. She's currently sitting on the seat behind my desk, sporting her ThunderShirt during a rain storm.

I just took this picture of her. She’s currently sitting on the seat behind my desk, sporting her ThunderShirt during a rain storm.

She has two personalities.

One minute, she sits like a princess. The next…


Not so ladylike!

She’s a hoot.

We were at a Petco event last weekend for 3 hours (the same event where Jayme told us about Max). Roxie and Ana were pooped. We opened the trunk of the car to throw our stuff inside, when Ana hopped in before the door was even completely open! And we had the hardest time getting her out of there. It was freaking adorable. No, she wasn’t afraid of jumping out of the car. She is fearless. She just did not want to get out. We had to drag her out.

Speaking of silly faces, I caught her mid-lick and it looks like she's sticking her tongue out at us!

Speaking of silly faces, I caught her mid-lick and it looks like she’s sticking her tongue out.

She does not care for food.

She is such a slow eater! She takes her sweet time. She removes a very small mouthful of food from her bowl, drops it on the ground, and chews it up very carefully. We haven’t found a food that she likes. She’s receptive to peanut butter (not that enthusiastic about it), but doesn’t care for anything else we offer her. Not sure if we just haven’t found the right food or if she just isn’t crazy about eating.

Ears back. You can tell she's not a huge fan of her food.

Ears back. You can tell she’s not a huge fan of eating.

However, she does love ice. It’s the weirdest thing. And unfortunate for me, because to me, the sound of ice is equivalent to the sound of nails on a chalkboard.

She knows how to hug.

Christian accidentally found out she knows how to hug (to be honest, I don’t remember how). Ever since then, one of his favorite tricks to do with her is to ask for a hug. He pats his chest and says, “Ana, hugs!” and she gently stands up and leans forward on him. She’s such a good girl, because she only does this when she is asked to. She never, ever jumps on people.

She may be under 100 pounds, but she is still tall!

She may be under 100 pounds, but she is still tall!

This girl is so goofy and loving. She gets along with literally everyone she meets, regardless of species, size, gender, age, color. Besides her storm anxiety, she is the perfect mini-Dane!

  • jan September 15, 2015 at 3:01 pm

    I love this post. One of the most fascinating things about living with dogs is the different personalities they have. My Poodles could not be more different if they tried. And maybe they do.

    • Tara September 18, 2015 at 8:12 am

      Isn’t it? Lindsey’s post on here about her two Cane Corsos is the same. One is anxious, the other is fearless. Amazing!

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