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March 11th, 2015

Bubba Was Adopted!

By Tara

Ack, I hate that I haven’t written in 2.5 weeks! I totally apologize. I promise I didn’t disappear forever on you guys!

I have some super exciting news for you all: Bubba was adopted!

It all started on Valentine’s Day. As I’ve said before, Great Dane Love has an event once a month at Petco where they bring as many fosters and personal Great Danes they can to both raise awareness about the rescue and also give people the chance to meet their Danes available for adoption.

We took Bubba to every one we could except one weekend (can’t remember why we weren’t available). We made it to the Valentine’s Day one and it was so great! He actually caught the eye of 3 different families who were all very interested in learning more about him and how he could fit into their homes. We were ecstatic! Bubba was a little vocal that day and I was afraid that would turn people off but apparently it didn’t.


At one point, Christian was handling Bubba while I was gushing over the other Danes (sidenote, I definitely just typed that as “daynes”…). I turned around and saw Christian was talking to a man, woman, and teenager and the man was holding Bubba’s leash. Was a family that serious about adopting him?? I went over and they were discussing EVERYTHING about our Bubba and his current life and comparing all of that to their life. A half an hour later, Christian and the family disappeared. I found them in the leash aisle (what the hell, I just typed “eyel”). Christian was showing them what they would need to get! This was getting serious.

At the end of the day, they said, “Okay, we are going home and submitting an application immediately”. Eeeek!

Well, a few days passed and none of those families submitted applications. We were all so bummed. Then on Wednesday, I get an email from the rescue: that family DID fill out an application Saturday night but it got lost somehow. Are we available to do a home visit on Friday?

Oh my gosh YES WE ARE.

The home visit

On Friday, we drove over to their home with Bubba, Bill from GDL, and the woman, Jayme, who originally brought Bubba to us (Bubba didn’t belong to her, she found him at the shelter she volunteers at). Everything went mostly swimmingly. We toured the house, we let them handle him, we let Bubba do a little bit of exploring. They have a dog that is slightly bigger than Roxie and a cat that holds its ground when it needs to. I’ll write more about the home visit later.

Bubba exploring his new home.

Bubba exploring his new home.

Anyway, it seemed like he fit in pretty well with everyone.

Then it was time.

When Bill asked, “well, should we proceed with the adoption?” my stomach dropped and I got chills. I actually just got chills writing that sentence and this visit happened 3 weeks ago!

These home visits don’t always end up in adoption, whether it’s because the dog isn’t a good fit for this family or that day isn’t the best day for them to take in the new dog. But that day was perfect for Bubba. This family was perfect for Bubba. And he was perfect for them.

I felt nothing but happiness for him. I wasn’t upset about losing him, I didn’t cry. I’m being 100% honest. I was actually really surprised with myself, as was everyone else. Usually, foster parents cry and are very emotional about giving up their babies, no matter how long they have been fostering for.

We filled out the paperwork, took our final pictures with him, and walked out the door.

Up until our first steps out of the house, I was over the moon excited. But once Christian and I reached the car and I had Bubba’s harness and leash in my hands, it suddenly hit me: he’s not coming home. I cried a little bit in the car, grieving the loss of my first Great Dane love, but after a few minutes, I was okay.

The aftermath

For the next week, I was gushing to everyone I encountered about how freaking happy I was about Bubs finding his forever home. This story is particularly amazing because he is a senior dog. It is harder to find forever homes for senior dogs. And what was so frustrating about his situation is that other than his grey muzzle, there was nothing “senior” about this dog. He had no health issues and he had the energy of a puppy. And this was all in his bio on his website. But I think people saw “8 years old” and fixated on that and didn’t really “hear” the rest of the bio. Furthermore, you can tell people he’s healthy and energetic as much as you want. They won’t really believe it until they actually see it.

This family was actually considering Bubba and another, much younger, Dane before they met him. Once they met him, they were convinced he is the dog for him.

Imagine if Christian and I hadn’t gone to Petco that day. They wouldn’t have met Bubba. What if we went to the one after and that family wasn’t there? They may have put in an application for the other dog.

Another thing that is interesting about that day is that they didn’t even have plans to come to Petco. They were hanging out at home when one of them saw that GDL was at Petco and they said, “Hey! Let’s go see some Danes”. What if they hadn’t come across our website? What if they were busy that day? Ahh, I freak out about this when I think about it too long.

My last pictures with Bubsie:



Bubba’s story

From what we know, Bubba was a family dog for most of his life. One of his owners passed away recently and the other couldn’t take care of him. Another family member brought Bubba to a shelter. While he was there, he was in not-so-great physical and mental condition. He was overweight and had some skin issues. He wasn’t too happy; we think it could be because he lost his family and because being in a shelter is stressful on dogs.

An angel named Jayme saw Bubba and knew this was no place for him. She contacted Great Dane Love one week after Bubba arrived at the shelter and promptly brought him to the rescue.

He hung out with us for a couple of months and was freaking awesome. He got down to a good weight, had energy, and all the love in the world to give. He just needed a place to stay until his new family found him.

Jayme was telling me about how he was in the shelter. That was a kill-shelter. He didn’t look appealing to potential adopters. He could have been euthanized.

I have always heard that you save a dog’s life when you foster or rescue. I believed it and I knew it in my mind. But I truly did not understand until now.

You guys.

If Bubba had stayed any longer at the shelter and wasn’t adopted in a timely manner, he would have died. For no. reason. He would have died and it would have been such a waste.

(At this point, I want to stress that I completely and truly believe that no animal deserves to die. I just don’t know how else to put my feelings into words without sounding offensive and insensitive.)

He just needed a few months to come out of his shell and get healthy. And he did. And he found his forever home. And what makes this SOOOO freaking perfect is that this family is SOOOO perfect for him and he is SOOOO perfect for them. Like I said, I’ll write more about his new life in another post.

This experience was unbelievably rewarding. I am still over the moon about this weeks later. I was only sad about losing him twice: once when we were walking back to the car with his our leash and harness without him, and once again a couple of weeks later when they sent me a picture of him, his new sister, and his new teenage owner in bed together. I missed him so much.

But I am so unbelievably happy for this boy.

Meet his family:


  • Sara March 12, 2015 at 10:51 pm

    Tara, I am so excited that you had this experience. I wish there were more people like you. I am excited to see what comes next.

    • Tara March 14, 2015 at 6:42 am

      Thanks, Sara! I’m excited, too :)

  • Lisacp75 May 1, 2015 at 2:07 am

    What a great story! Just found it – I know I have subscribed but I never get updates on your site for some reason. So happy to hear you had a Great (no pun intended haha) Dane experience Tara!!!

    • Tara May 1, 2015 at 7:31 am

      Hi Lisa!

      Unfortunately, I’ve been slacking with the newsletter. My life has actually changed significantly in the last week or so so I’m able to put more time into the blog!

      Also, thanks for your comment! I’m so, so excited that he was adopted. I miss him a ton. I can’t wait until we get our next one!

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