Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

November 4th, 2014

Foster Home Check

By Tara

We finally moved into our new house in mid-September. In the beginning of October, we eagerly emailed Great Dane Love and told them we are ready for our home check! They came out the first or second Saturday of October (can’t remember) and it was quite informative.

The couple who came happen to have the two most gorgeous Danes I’ve ever seen. They were large, healthy, well-behaved, and goofy. I was really hoping they would bring them because I wanted my mom to meet her first Great Dane. As luck would have it, they did bring one of their boys!

fawn-great-dane-large-gentle-giantThat photo of the fawn Great Dane is the one that came to our house. His name is Oden (or Odin or Odyn, not sure) and he is a total sweetheart. Obviously, this isn’t a photo of him in our house. We do not live in a pet store.

They brought him so that we could all get a feel for what it would be like to have an extra large dog in our house and it was quite enlightening. We realized we needed to move a few pieces of furniture. For example, there is enough space between our couch and the dresser (that we use for storing random stuff) for one person and Roxie, but definitely not for a Great Dane and a person. I mean, the dog was able to walk through comfortably but we definitely wouldn’t be able to push his 120 pound body out of the way so we could walk through. So that dresser was moved.

Additionally, apparently our dining room is cramped! Can’t really walk by the table to get into the kitchen. Well, we can. And a gentle giant can. But not together. So the dining table will be pushed to the side a bit along with the chairs. We don’t use the table often anyway, so moving all that won’t be so bad.

Then we went into the backyard. One of the gates to the side yard isn’t so secure. Roxie can’t push through, but a giant dog can. We will be asking our landlords if they can make it more secure but until then, the dogs won’t be unsupervised in the yard.

Also, there was a metal pole sticking up from the ground, maybe 2 feet off the ground. We never noticed it before and even if we had, we probably wouldn’t have done anything about it because Roxie is short enough to see it and avoid it when she’s running around. A Great Dane could trip over it and hurt himself. So away that pole went!

When we came back inside, Oden stepped into and spilled Roxie and Mia’s water bowl. So we found a little nook to put the bowl into so the short animals could drink water comfortably, but the tall animals can’t step into.

We are aware of the fact that Dane tails are conveniently at table level and with one wag of the tail, they can knock EVERYTHING off. But we weren’t as concerned about it until we had Oden in our house. We will definitely need to be more conscious of picking up glasses and things off of the coffee table. Our couch is pushed up against a bay window, so we’ll probably put what we normally put on the coffee table on the bay window.

Anyway, we are very excited to announce that we were approved to be fosters! Now we wait…

P.S. when we all went outside, the screen door was open ajar. The space was maybe one foot wide. We were following Oden when he suddenly stopped in his tracks; he was nervous/afraid of pushing through! Roxie ran ahead of us and shoved her body through and chased after the lizards outside. I’ve heard that some Great Danes are scaredy cats and seeing it was supremely adorable.

WHEN WILL MY FOSTER BABY GET HERE?? (Edit: psst, he has arrived!)

P.P.S. for those of you who are new around here: Roxie is our 9 year old Cairn Terrier. Here is an adorbz picture we took of her at one of our latest outings.

Look at my silly baby!