Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

September 3rd, 2014

Gentle Giant Proof Toys

By Tara

The bigger the being, the more powerful the body, right? Provided that they’re healthy of course. The same goes for gentle giants, like Great Danes and English Mastiffs. I always hear that owners have the hardest time finding toys that their extra large dog either can’t tear to pieces or can’t tear to pieces easily.

I did some research and asked some owners what toys they get for their dogs. I got three types of responses:

My dog loves anything cuddly

This includes sleeping with, carrying around, and throwing around a stuffed animal. This was somewhat of a surprise to me but once I got to thinking about it, it makes sense. Not all dogs are destroyers and some or most of them are aware of their power and know that they need to be gentle.

Actually, that reminds me of a video my dad posted on his Facebook. I can’t embed it because it’s hosted on Facebook, but check it out here.

My dog destroys everything

Basically, nothing stands a chance. I wonder if that’s either because the dog is truly that powerful or if they just haven’t found the right toy yet.

I’ve had some luck!

I got a lot of responses about toys that can withstand strong jaws:


Kong Extreme, Jolly Ball, Tuff Toys, Deer and elk antlers, Invincibles, Nylabone toys, water bottles, Indestructiballs

Final thoughts

I’m probably not going to stock up on indestructible toys until I get a Dane that has that much of a drive to play rough with his toys. But I’m still interested in learning more about these toys and others that are Gentle Giant proof. What toys does your dog play with (and has a hard time destroying)?