Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

April 24th, 2015

I Think Great Danes Are Special

By Tara

That Great Dane Facebook group I’m a part of pops up on my news feed all the time. And I am SO not complaining.

Anyway, it pops up all the time and it always boosts my spirits so much. Great Danes are freaking GOOFY. And majestic. And sensitive. And lazy. They have huge personalities on them.

And their owners are a different breed of people (tehe), too. They are so passionate about their dogs. It’s nuts.

I started wondering if every breed has a community this nuts about their breed and if every breed has a personality that shines through every hair on their body. I was thinking that maybe it feels like Great Danes are special just because that’s the only group I’m a part of. So I joined a Border Collie group. I love Border Collies and was seriously considering one around when I got Roxie, which is why I chose that breed.

Border Collie owners are passionate about their dogs just as much as Great Dane owners are. And I suspect this is true with every breed. But there’s something about Great Danes that Border Collies don’t have. The photos of Border Collies are suuuuuper cute. They’ve got their mouths open, some are running, some are sleeping. I love looking at them. But I see poses like that with every dog breed:


I don’t see these faces with every dog breed:


His tongue was perpetually sticking out of the side of his mouth!

Charlene’s baby Porscha.

Kelly’s baby Xena.

I swear to goodness that I didn’t just pick the silliest pictures I could find; most Great Dane photos I see are of them being goofy or regal.

If you have any pictures of your gentle giant (not just Great Danes!) being goofy, share them below!