Our Gentle Giants

The story of two Floridians and their foster Great Danes

October 22nd, 2015

Max: First Thoughts

By Tara

Oh my god. It has been almost a month since I blogged. I’d love to say it won’t happen again, but nothing in life is certain. Instead, I’ll say, “ahh, I’ll try to stick around and post more frequently!”

So, Max. Where do I start with my handsome boy?

His pre-programmed tricks (read: tricks he already knew) are “sit” and “shake/give me a paw”. The “shake” is less verbal and really happens if you simply move your hand towards his chest when he is sitting. It’s the cutest thing ever.

He’s a very fast learner! He didn’t completely know “stay”. But we’ve been working on it during mealtime and he’s gotten better and better at it! Now he sits and stays if you stay unmoving, but the moment you step away, he thinks he is released. So we are working on that and teaching him “okay!” is the release word.

He’s also “naturally” obedient, too. Just like Ana. He knows casual words and motions. If I say “go, go, get out” and start pointing in a direction, he will move that way. Ana does the same. She does something else that I love, too. Occasionally, she gets on the couch when no one is looking. When we enter the room, she stares at us, intently. As soon as I say, “Ana! Get off!” and motion to the floor, she FLIES off of the couch. It’s adorable.


Max does great in a crate! We have 2-3 large dog “beds” (they’re more sleeping areas, really) in the house and Ana and Max are great about sharing them. They won’t share them at the same time, but if one is on one bed, the other will go to the other one. They never, ever fight over a bed. One of the beds is in Ana’s crate. Max will happily go in there and sleep with the door open. When the door is closed and locked, he doesn’t make a peep and he doesn’t get up and seem anxious. Such a good boy.

His ears flip up 99% of the time he naps. He looks like Stitch!

His ears flip up 99% of the time he naps. He looks like Stitch!

He doesn’t pull on leash as desperately as Ana and Roxie do. Well, Ana doesn’t really pull desperately, but I think she thinks I walk too slow. So we are working on teaching her how to pay attention to the person walking her and walk at their pace.

He is a playful boy, but he doesn’t really play with Roxie and Ana. He’s a very happy boy, too. His tail goes in full circles. And when he shakes his body, it starts from his head and mid-section, and ends with him shaking his butt vigorously. It’s hilarious!

He’s a cuddly boy. We try not to let our fosters sit on furniture, because we don’t want them to develop habits that their future owners may not like. But I love cuddling. So, when Christian isn’t home and I need something big to cuddle with, I put a designated pet blanket on the couch or bed and invite Max up. Ohhhh, he’s so cuddly and warm!


All in all, this handsome boy has stolen my heart. Christian definitely has some competition.