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September 15th

Anastasia’s Quirks



I always knew every dog is different. But after living with 4 different dogs over the last 10 months, I’ve really gotten to see how quirky each individual dog is. So, today I bring you: Anastasia’s quirks! (This is a picture-heavy post. Sorry to everyone who has a slow internet connection! I tried making the images as small as possible.) (click to read more)

Legend, the mantle Great Dane, had his tail docked due to Happy Tail, but he's looks happy to me!

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When Christian and I first got married, one of our favorite things to do was look up Great Dane and English Mastiff videos and oh my goodness, there are¬†soooo¬†many good ones on YouTube! I don’t remember when I first fell in love with Great Danes, but I do remember seeing the famous “Honey the Great Dane & Lemon the Tortoiseshell Cat – Magic Moments Together” video and stalking Big Honey Dog up until the day she died (R.I.P. Honey).

Here are my favorite goofy gentle giant videos on YouTube.

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