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July 23rd

Where Did He Go?



Where did he go?

That’s the question that has been burning inside my heart since last night.

Rocco died yesterday. I’ve never experienced the death of a person or pet I was very close to. I’m not religious (not even a little). I’ve always had “issues” with death, meaning I have always had a burning curiosity about death and a burning fear of my loved ones dying.

I have so many feelings about yesterday, but the one that literally kept me up last night was, “where did he go?”
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Today, Rocco passed away peacefully on my lap.

Rocco came into rescue having a few health issues and they only got worse over the 6 weeks we had him. He had a history of seizures (and once seized in my car), a ton of growths in his liver, some fluid in his abdomen, heartworms, joint problems, and severe anxiety.

They did some blood tests and ultrasounds and the results didn’t look too great. Last week, when we were in Petsmart, I decided to weigh him over at Banfield. He weighed 15 pounds less than he did a couple of weeks before. I told the rescue about his dramatic weight loss and they scheduled a vet appointment for the following week (today).

I took Rocco to the vet (Christian was at work) and P from the rescue met me there. The purpose of this appointment was to do more blood work and another ultrasound to see how his liver was doing.

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Rocco has, what I would call, severe separation anxiety, something I’ve never experienced before.

  • The first night with us, he absolutely refused to go in his crate so we reluctantly allowed him in our bedroom (which actually went pretty well).
  • He still is very, very slow to get in his crate. It usually takes him a few minutes and lots of “good boy; come on boy; let’s go, Rocco.”
  • I left him alone in the bedroom with his raised bed and favorite blanket to go out to an appointment. I set up a camera to monitor him. He paced and whined. After 15 minutes, he started tearing up his blanket. I turned around and went home.
  • I had to go to another appointment a few days later. I put him in the sun room where he couldn’t destroy anything (the windows into the house were open so the A/C was able to cool the room). He pooped and tracked it everywhere.
  • I was out of town for two weeks and Christian couldn’t miss work. Rocco was left alone for a few hours and would sometimes poop, but consistently tore up his paws trying to climb through the windows.

Needless to say, he does not like his own company.

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June 27th

Epilepsy in Dogs



Disclaimer: I am not a veterinarian or any sort of medical professional! Everything written below is based on my own experiences, thoughts, and research. If you have any questions, talk to your vet.

Rocco is prone to seizures. In the past, his triggers have been high heat and the sound of thunder, which makes Florida one of the worst states for him to be in.

I didn’t know much about seizures, much less canine seizures, before meeting Rocco. I did a little research to prepare myself in case anything should happen and have written down what I learned below.

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Rocco joined our little family on June 6th! He is an 8 year-old boy who unfortunately had to be separated from his lifelong family (same as Bubba). My first reaction was to be mad about it, but honestly, life happens. I’m sure they did everything they could to keep their pet and it just wasn’t in the stars.

Normally, one of the “higher-ups” at the rescue do a 1-2 week evaluation on new dogs, but this time, we took him home the first day and it actually went pretty smoothly.

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